of art, literature and performing arts

The modern stage

Manifests and texts on theater in avantgarde time.

Collected texts give testimony of the process of building the modern stage, in a time marked by the enthusiasm and confidence in the ability of the stage to transcend the field of literature illustration and entertainment and settle in the territory of artistic creation and agitation.

This book includes an introduction to the performing arts avant-gard which deals with the following topics: Reteatralising theatre / The total art work / Building the image / Deshumanising theatre / The conquer of the audience / Spaces transformation / Extra-aesthetical dimension.  

Texts of choreographers, playwrights, set designers and directors are distributed in six chapters and accompanied by an abstract of each author artistic biography and abundant critical apparatus.

Light, space, movement.

Texts by Loïe Fuller, A. Appia, E. Jacques-Dalcroze, I. Duncan y G. Craig

Teathre and abstraction.

Texts by V. Kandinsky, A. Schönberg, F.T. Marinetti, E. Prampolini, J. Cocteau, G. Apollinaire, L. Bakst, F. Léger, H. Ball, K. Schwitters, F. Kiesler, L. Schreyer, O. Schlemmer, L. Moholy-Nagy, A. Artaud

The german stage

Texts by G. Fuchs, M. Reinhardt, I. Goll, F. Emmel, L. Jessner, E. Piscator, B. Brecht,

Theatre and revolution

Texts by V. Maiakovski, V. Meyerhold, L. Popova, A. Tairov, E. Vajtangov, E. Eisenstein, N. Foregger, N. Evreinov, N. Ojlopkov.

Reformers of dramatic art

Texts by L. Schiller, J. Copeau, G. Pitoëff, Ch. Dullin, G. Baty, R.E. Jones,

Spanish Theatre

Texts by Adrià Gual, R. Pérez de Ayala, R.M. del Valle-Inclán, C. Rivas Cherif, F. García Lorca, M. Aub


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